A Gallery of Spaces

The AppSpace gallery offers beautiful spaces in a variety of visual styles.

Personal fit

You choose which app each object launches.

Linked spaces

Assigning spaces to objects creates a folder-like structure, allowing easy access to dozens of apps.

Smart use of Android technology
The widget solution

No need to get used to a new system: AppSpace lives on top of your existing homescreen, taking nothing away but adding so much!

Using the exclusive Android widget technology, AppSpace is constantly active on your homescreen, ready to launch your favorite apps instantly. You can arrange as many AppSpace widgets as you like on your homescreens, giving you maximum flexibility.

AppSpace is the only launching solution in the market that does NOT replace the functionality of your phone. The widgets sit on top of your existing launcher, which means you don't need to get used to a new system. We revolutionize the way you use your phone, without actually changing your phone!

When art meets function
The AppSpace gallery

Everyone need their own special space. That's why we're continuously creating new delightful, useful spaces in a variety of different styles.

Every AppSpace screen is a refined piece of art, lovingly crafted by our top-grade artists. We put a lot of thought in arranging many useful objects in the given space, without overcrowding the artwork.

Some of the spaces are designed for general use, while others focus on a specific type of apps (e.g. audio apps). The linked spaces feature allows you to get the most out of AppSpace by linking several specialized spaces (e.g. AudioAddict) to a fun general space.

In the near future, we will be adding a new space every 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned!



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